Original products, traditions, folk arts & architecture, cuisine & customs of Czechia

"Kraslice" - painted eggs, one of the Easter traditions in Czechia
Traditional Czechia - food
Currant cupcakes - Czechia
Food of Czechia
Czech traditional tripe soup
Kladrubák, Czechia
"Bernard" amber BERNARD dark beer from Humpolec (South Bohemia), Czechia. Two of Bernard dark beers (Amber and Special) became winners and holders of gold medals of World Beer Championships in 2011 in USA.
Czech Platform Stiletto High Heels Patent leather Women's Black Shoe.jpg
Czech cheese of camembert style Hermelín
Czech Glass Art Deco Brooch Enamel Carnelian Rhinestone - Czechia
Czech folk embroidered apron - Czechia
Czech Baked Pork Knee with mustard and horseradish - food of Czechia
Czech Art Nouveau Jeweled Perfume Bottle - Czechia, around 1900
Czech garnet jewelry - Czechia
Baked dried plums in bacon
Czech bread with caraway
Folk costume from Kyjov region, South Moravia, Czechia
Dill sauce with beef and dumplings - food of Czechia
Zelňačka - Czech cabbage soup and its ingredients - food of Czechia
Winter carnival tradition in Czechia
Soups in bread - traditional Czech cuisine
Salty sticks - traditional delicacy to wine or beer in Czechia
Bohemian crystal glass with Alfons Mucha's motifs, Czechia
The cake "Prague" - Czechia
Czech Christmas tradition - cutting the apple to see a star from the seeds (symbol of health) - Czechia
Folk costumes from Chodsko (South-West Bohemia), Czechia
Plzeňský Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell), Plzeň (West Bohemia), Czechia
Baťa shoes in 1930's Czechia
"Svíčková" / Sirloin on cream - masterpiece in cuisine of Czechia
Mushrooms, typical compound of the Czech cuisine
Becherovka liqueur from Karlovy Vary (West Bohemia), Czechia
Children folk costume from South Moravia - Czechia
Czech marinated cheeses and pickled sausages utopenci with herbs - Czechia
Bohemian garnet necklace - Czechia
Typical Central Bohemian country house - Czechia. Photo by Vladimír Hirsch (my family house originally from 18th century, rebulit in style 2004)
Authentic folkloric fabric jacquard ribbon trims from Czechia and Slovakia
Beer cellar in Pilsen brewery (West Bohemia), Czechia
Original Olomouc cheese - "tvarůžky" (North Moravia), Czechia
Agate from Morcinov in Bohemian Paradise (East Bohemia), Czechia
Moravian wine smoked meat and cheese - Czechia
Budvar - famous beer from České Budějovice, Czechia
Unique Czech Rural Baroque architecture: Blata in Soběslav (South Bohemia), Czechia
Tatra cars logo - czechia
Vánočka - traditional Christmas pastry of Czechia
South Moravian folk costumes - Czechia
Czech Glass Art Deco Snake Bracelet
Slivovice (Plum brandy) from Valachian region of Moravia & other local liquors (R.Jelinek) - Czechia
Laurin & Klement - first car factory (later Škoda), Mladá Boleslav, Czechia
Fried Olomouc cheese - Czechia
Baked pork with dumplings and sauerkraut - Czechia
Moravian rural architecture details (South Moravia), Czechia
Bramborák - Czech potato pancakes
Typical scenery of Centr.Bohemian village- the church, statue of St.John of Nepomuk and linden trees - Libouň, Czechia
Beer of Czechia
Prague Ham - a kind of cooked ham, invented in 18th century by František Chmel, Czechia
Lace from Czechia




Zubr beer from Přerov (North Moravia) - Czechia
The glass from Nový Bor (North Bohemia), Czechia
Typical Czech pub - Golden Star, Prague, Czechia
"The ride of the kings" - South Moravian custom, Czechia
"The ride of the kings" - South Moravian custom, Czechia
Beer rolls, Czechia
Glass making is an old traditional craft for Czechia
Fried carp and potato salad - traditional Christmas Eve food in Czechia
Handmade jewelry earrings from Bohemian crystal, Czechia
Crumpets in old Czech style with warm fruits - Czechia
Czech Advent candlestick
Potato badges, typical delicacy from Czechia
Folk costumes from Chodsko (South-West Bohemia), Czechia
Marionettes shops - Prague is famous for wide variety of handcrafted wooden marionettes - Czechia
Pálava wine from South Moravia, Czechia
Škoda cars logo
Christmas cookies of Czechia
Czech buns (buchty) Czechia
Modern crystal glass set from Dubí in North Bohemia, Czechia
Jewelled Decorative Perfume Oil Bottle from Czechia
Christmas in Czechia - traditional decoration
Art Deco Czech porcelaine cofee set - Czechia
Typical Moravian wine cellar - Czechia
Traditional Czech sausage-meat / Czechia
Czech dumplings - Czechia
"Hořické trubičky" - Czech sweet speciality
Apron (4th quarter of 19th century), Czechia
Czech ripened cheese "Blaťácké zlato" (Blata's Gold) from South Bohemia - Czechia
South Bohemian folk costume - Czechia
Indiánky (Little Red Indians). Traditional dessert candy of Czechia
Krušovice dark beer from King's brewery of the village of the same name in Central Bohemia, Czechia
From Czech fashion designer Blanka Matragi collection - Czechia
Czech cheese ducats - Czechia
Wenceslas sausage at Wenceslas square. Prague, Czechia
Czech Cristmas candy and table decoration - Czechia
Czech fruit dumplings (strawberry) - Czechia
Piper in folk costume from South Bohemia, Czechia
Bohemian cut crystal glass jar from Světlá glassworks, Highlands, Czechia
Bohemia Sekt (Starý Plzenec vinnery, West Bohemia) - Czechia
Lace from Sedlice (South Bohemia), Czechia
Věnečky - Czech cream puff with rum filling - Czechia
Czech "small coffins" with whipped cream - Czechia
Czech home made rosehip marmalade - Czechia
Kulajda soup from Šumava, Czechia
Czech sweet Easter bread (mazananec), Czechia
Vintage 1940's, Czechia: Porcelain Cafe Canister
Necklace in Art Nouveau style from Czechia (around 1913)
Easter Stuffing (Velikonoční nádivka) - a traditional Czech Easter meal
Lobkowicz beer from Vysoký Chlumec brewery (founded 1466) in Central Bohemia, Czechia
Czech fashion: Couture Spring Little Black Dress Embroidered Neckline - Czechia
The best bread in the world ! From Czechia
Old Czech rural house furniture - Czechia
A classic Czech "kolache" with poppy seeds (koláče) - Czechia
Czech fruit dumplings (blueberry) - Czechia
Gingerbread motifs - girl in folk costume - Czechia
Traditional pickles from Znojmo, South Moravia, Czechia





Laskonky (cream puffs) with cofee cream
Braided bread rolls - Czechia
Beer of Czechia
Baked duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage, popular food in Czechia
Skanzen in Přerov nad Labem (East Bohemia), Czechia.jpg
The magic of my home - Czech donuts
Dancing couple in South Moravian folk costumes - Czechia
Moravian wines - Czechia


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