John Mole: Mind Your Manners

Understanding the nature of cultural diversity is one thing-managing it day-to-day is quite another! When doing business internationally, culture shock - and sometimes culture clash - is unavoidable. The American economist John Mole's Mind Your Manners is a comprehensive guide that explores cultural aspects of dozens of individual European countries as they relate to global business. Mole describes Europe's extraordinary political, economic, and social changes and demonstrates the broad cultural spectrum of European nations. 

In the chapter, dedicated to our country and called "CZECHIA", he writes among other: "Since it became fully independent in 1993, the Czech government’s preferred name for its country has been Czechia. Why numerous organizations persist in calling it by its more inconvenient adjectival name (the Czech Republic), especially when they are happy to call the Slovak Republic Slovakia or the French Republic France, is a mystery..." 


Nicolas Brealey Publishing (2003) 

© 2018 by Czechia Civic Initiative


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